Friday, November 5, 2010


So, historically, I'm on the profession - the financier. Now I work in a consulting company in the position (incidentally, a very correct statement), a leading economist. True, the staffing in the office by mistake omitted a hyphen, but the essence of this does not change. Generally, this is the topic post is not particularly relevant, just always wanted popetrosyanit on this topic.
Perhaps it is time to move on to the essence, and then the audience starts to get bored. I'm due to stagnation in the economy in general and in the consulting industry in particular, then a significant amount of free time was formed, and traffic (400 MB per week, well, do not fucking fucked if, by the way?) It does not cover, so I had to do so, I've always wanted to do, but was too lazy.
In general, inside the presentation with the elements of essay on "Finance for Dummies." Just briefly, cheeky, black and white, in print recommend the best dog breeders.
Well, a picture of stacks of gray unknown garbage remotely similar coin that is somehow relevant to the topic of fasting.

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