Friday, November 5, 2010

Personnel issue

As is well known - there are two types of motivation: negative and positive. This is because of cleverly called them the good old method of "carrot and stick". In the translation of the language department staff members it sounds like: "Execute the plan sales - will receive the award. Do not run - you will be penalized." Something like that. With variations.Hence the members are divided into two categories: those who like positive motivation, and those who are afraid of the negative. And they are very different from each other. Deniers are working with fear, positive - for a premium. And the attitude they have is quite different.Positive can not take fright. A fine, reduction or even dismissal of his quite frightening. He is a man the other formations. At heart an adventurer, adventurer, filibuster. Dismissed here - break through there! But they work well to find the golden galleon on the ocean floor.And the other is negative: for them is a pleasant bonus makeweight to their basic salary, but at the heart of Labour is a desire to save space, do not lose favor with the owner. This is a slave, in some way sovdepovskaya psychology. This studious pettifogger, without imagination and ideas, fulfill the quota of cutting cane. And it works not for a golden galleon, and a neat flower bed on the horizon, and before dinner.
So, where there are pluses - there will always be disadvantages. The negative is always loyal subjects, working not for gold but for the feudal lord. He can be even in moments of crisis do not pay three months salary, but he diligently continues to raise the flag on the tower and keep kindles signal lights, in the hope that the Baron will win and that's when we bathe in gold.Positive, as any free seeker a fair wind, in the case of the least turmoil looks at the compass, and push off on all 32 points off. Well, if it is not firing from guns in the coastal batteries at otchalivanii.
What kind of dudes prefer to recruit from the standpoint of competent personnel policies?Picture?

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  1. good read tho i had to read it twice xD , im tired atm lol ,